The Most Influential People in the the true art of memory is the art of attention Industry and Their Celebrity Dopplegangers

It’s not just the brain that needs to be attentive. Our entire body needs to be mindful of our actions, thoughts, and feelings. We have a need to pay attention to certain areas of our body and to focus our mind on those areas to make sure that they are feeling good. It’s a bit like keeping your eye on the ball or paying attention to your hands when you’re playing a sport.

This is a bit of a joke, but I think the key is to be aware of how much energy you are going to need to put into your life.

When we’re not paying attention to our body, we’re not really aware of our thoughts and emotions. So when they come into conflict with our body, it’s pretty easy to freak out. We’ve developed a pretty good understanding of “when a fight is going on” and “how to deal with it.” But our ability to focus on any specific thought is pretty limited.

One of the things that I think has hurt people the most in their lives is the way they think they can be “happy” without actually being happy. It is easy to be excited about something, but actually having that excitement is tough. I call this “the art of boredom” because if you want anything to happen… you have to force yourself to think about it.

I don’t know if this is what everyone else calls it or what I call it, but I think I’ve discovered an art to the boredom. I call it the art of attention because when you look at something you’re focused on what you’re looking at, and that’s not actually what’s going on.

The reason I use the word art (or art) in the first place is because I think it is the most important thing in life. When you choose to be happy (or not) you have to create art in your life. The art of happiness is the art of attention. When you focus on something you are in control and can choose what and when to remember. When you focus on something you are in control and you can choose what and when to forget.

I thought this was a really interesting video about attention. It is not that we can simply forget about anything, but that we can choose to focus on either positive or negative things, we can choose to remember things that we want to forget or we can choose to forget things. So the ability to choose when to be more or less focused is the ability to choose what we focus on.

I love the idea of focusing on things that we want to remember. In the video it shows how having a memory is like having a good book. You can choose when you read a book, even if you don’t like the story or the characters or the time you have to read it you can still choose to focus on the story. In fact, you often can choose to focus on a particular line of the story.

This ability is also something we refer to as attention. It is the ability to pay attention to the world around you. We often refer to this as “The List” in the video because it is something that is usually very difficult to remember.

With attention comes the ability to focus on a particular aspect of a picture or a scene or just any visual thing. This means that you can pick up a book and a picture and a video game and a song and a movie and you can remember all of it, even if you are not paying attention to all of it, just the parts you are actively interested in.

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