So You’ve Bought submit quotes … Now What?

The quote submission form is the site’s single largest source of revenue and is the reason we’re able to continue to do what we do. We receive a ton of submissions from all over the world every day and the bulk of the revenue comes from the top quotes.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is hard to read all the submissions at once. The form itself is easy to read, but the quotes are a bit harder.

It’s hard to read them all, especially those that are a tad too long. But it is possible to scroll through the comments and see all the submissions before you decide to leave a comment. Which is pretty rare these days.

Its a fair deal and I think that the amount of submissions is good enough to do in general. I think that we should be able to at least scan through the most recent submissions and see what the most popular ones are. And if we do that, we should be able to see if there is a pattern, and if there isn’t, then why not make it a part of the game.

Like all art, there are some things that stand out. For example, in this case, the quotes are what I find so interesting. Because they’re the most interesting part of the story.

Of course, it’s nice when more art is being made, but that’s a good thing. We as a game company should be proud of the amount of art we do. But like any other form of art, to improve it, we need to get better at it. So we should not only be proud of the art, we should be proud of the artists who make it.

The quote submissions are part of a much larger effort by our team to get more art out there. We have a large number of artists working on the game, many of whom have never had time to make art for a game. The artists we have working on the game at the moment are either too busy painting for game art, or too busy making art for their own games. Which is fine, because we need to focus more on the art and less on the games.

When we look at a bunch of art, it’s easy to not notice the artists themselves. Because many of the artists are busy working on their own game projects or other distractions, they do not really see the impact or importance of the art as much as we do. So while we’d love for all of the art to be submitted so that it can get out to the world, we recognize our own need to focus more on the art.

The only thing that we need to focus more on is our own games, which is why we need to have more focus on the games in the trailers.

We don’t always get to use the art or the words of the artists for our art, but it is our duty to help them out more so that the art can get out to the world.

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