Why People Love to Hate glass quotes

Glass quotes is the ultimate “just say no” quote. A glass quote is a quote from a person or company that is written with the purpose of letting you know that you can’t say no, which is something that we all want to do, but are afraid to do. It’s like an invisible barrier that we can’t see but we can’t break.

A glass quote could be any quote you want. We use them all the time when writing quotes in articles, blog posts, etc. It makes you seem more powerful.

We have used glass quotes in all of our articles, as well as in some of our company blog posts as long as we can remember. I believe that they are one of the most effective things for getting people to say no. Its like when you see the movie Shrek and you say to yourself, “I cant wait for my son to grow up to be a prince.” Its not a good thing to say.

While the effect could be seen from any number of angles, one of the best and most powerful is the effect of simply having a quote pop up on the screen. You have someone say “glass quote” and you’ll look at them and immediately think, “I could use that for my resume.” Just think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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