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I get it that people might be hesitant to share their personal life with the world, but they probably need to know their most personal thoughts about it. When the topic of privacy comes up, people are asked to take a moment to explain why they like or dislike something. They might be asked to explain their own thoughts about a work colleague or a close friend, or they might be asked to identify why they don’t like a certain topic.

We’ve all been the subject of at least one of these questions about why we like, or don’t like something. And while talking about our personal thoughts about something is the ultimate in the self-awareness/privacy debate, it’s also the most awkward. People who are genuinely interested in sharing their thoughts on a specific topic usually ask you to explain yourself, and you don’t want to just roll your eyes because you feel like you’re being forced to do so.

I often feel like I get a lot of “I don’t know, where did that line go?” questions, especially when trying to answer a specific question about why I like something or dislike something. It might take me a few minutes to get my answer out, but it usually comes out sounding pretty good. Because while I may not know the answer, I can usually deduce that the questioner doesn’t get it because they are too busy hating it.

I think I like this as well. I often feel as if people want me to explain things that I dont really understand when they can easily just google and find more information. So if I feel like people are being forced to read my I dont know, where did that line go question, especially when trying to answer a specific question about why I like something or dislike something.

If you can’t tell why you like or dislike something, then it’s probably best you don’t know. The best way to prevent misunderstanding is to avoid the topic entirely. If you are genuinely interested in a topic, then you should never avoid it. If you have a question about it, ask it. If the questioner does not respond, then it’s best you not know the answer to the question.

I think I might have done that the other day when I asked why I like the game I was playing right now. I was trying to figure out what my problem was with it, and there was no way to ask the question without becoming one of those people who says, “I like this game so much that I have no idea why I like it, but I do!”.

You should never ask that question when you are playing a game, or asking about any game. To ask why you like a game you just completed is like asking why you like the latest episode of TV, or the latest movie of movies. It makes no sense.

You should never ask that question when you are playing a game because that question can lead to a very bad idea. It can lead to asking why you like a game and being told off for not getting it right the first time. It can also lead to not knowing why you like a game, or you just not being able to decide if you like the game.

We didn’t just ask for 6lack quotes. We asked for six of you, for six of you to explain why you like a game and you didn’t get that honor. Or if you did get it, you didn’t get the quote we wanted. In most cases, you’ll be told off for asking such a question. So you have been warned.

I have always loved video games. I always wanted to try them out for a while. I know it was a little more than a game, but I had to play it just so I could talk about it with my friends. And I was always the odd man out when any games came up. I always had a really hard time getting into a new game. I think it is a part of being a nerd.

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